Thursday, February 9, 2012

A L O H A with love

Surfing this day with Legend Peter Cole, 
not so many waves but making memories worth remembering. 
Home Sweet Home

I love being in the water amongst the water men and women.
No room for bullshitting, just pure timing and nature to propel or expel your body and soul. 
Salt water to cleanse and clear minded memories....W A T E R, wind siliences
All Warrior Spirits able to ride and flow with the tides.
Brave new souls and old fearful but less driven with wonder.
No cars, no phones, no one weak, nothing boring about sitting or riding your board.
This sport is not for the meek.
Lay me down under, drop me down in line.
  Each gorgeous wave, offshore bellowing girl, rip curl.
 Ebb and flow see her, ride her if you will?
Water breaking and creating the depth of the deep blue
Aloha & Mehalo for my many more rides.
Too few.

I'm at home with you in your many shades of blue.

Charles Bukowski
"The ocean is full of blues greens and sharks"

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