Monday, February 13, 2012


Artist ADELE

Adele Sincere Poignant & Affecting

54th Grammy's and the big well deserved win goes to a young singer song writer Adele.
This is an album that resonates with anyone who has been in a relationship that has been as she said
What I love is that she took her pain and channeled it into this Grammy award winning album.
Adele has such a huge soulful feeling for her life and experiences expressed here in this entire album.
Who wouldn't related to the warmth of her voice and the pain of her soul.
Not a place we want to reside but real and reflective for many.
Been there done that!
The wheel of healing is in the expressing of one's heart.
We are all human and when it comes to love and pain no-one's pain is negated!
We all go through disappointing times in our lives, some more, some less.
Having HEART is a real place where one feels for another!
Relationships; like living, have a lifespan, a day, a few years, decades and a life time.
Sometimes break ups are for the better, even when we cling on to our solo dreams.
Letting go and creating space for a better love is positive.
The Universe has a plan!  

Make ARTto deal with your losses and loves.
Channeling your pain into art like this collection of songs is a great example to all those who grieve and have heart ache.
Put your guts down if you care and make something to make a difference, if not for yourself for others.
This album says it all for the broken hearts that bleed.
May you heal and create to roll on and make a better life for yourselves.
Roll on to better pastures that feed your heart and soul with love.
Don't starve yourself for an other's agenda that doesn't include you.
(here's the songs included in this album)
Rolling in The Deep
Rumor Has It 
Turning Tables
Don't You Remember
Set Fire To The Rain
He Wont Go
Take It All
I'll Be Waiting
One And Only
Love Song
Someone Like You
Hiding y Heart

H i d i n g  My Heart
Diesel Loved.

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