Saturday, February 18, 2012


Props can make or break a shot.  I am always looking to make images that tell a story.
Tomorrow I have a job with a TIME Life magazine.  I can t disclose the story or the magazine name right now but I can say that my life illustrating stories is never dull!
I am not a one shot pony...I like to deliver several ideas to my editors so I usually hire a stylist to gather a wish list of items on larger jobs.
I found these on line two days ago and had two wind socks shipped from Florida for tomorrows shoot.  Social media has sure made it easier to find those odd things for making my job a little more easy.  I have seen these in black at Burning Man and they are pretty spectacular in flight!   15ft long and very light so hopefully the wind will be with us on our shoot day.  If not we will fly them on some abandoned desert road with the subjects in the back of the truck in motion to tell the story.
I will post a pic if they don't make the cutting room floor after the magazine runs the story.
You just never know what's next in the business of editorial photography.
I love my job, you could say its fertile!
photograph by karen kuehn 
these are part of story being told for a Time Life Magazine.
I can disclose it now but these are windsocks that attach to a kite...really a fun and the comments
 by the subjects were comic and good for elevating a serious subject matter on 
health and wellness as well and laws in the making!
 photo by Eric Swanson 2/19/12
Kelly Miller, Karen Kuehn and our subjects.

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