Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What Do You See ?

photo of a Gnome by karen kuehn

A few weeks back while on assignment for New Mexico Magazine I spied with my little eye this scene.  
It reminded me of one of my favorite children's books.
The Little Prince.
A story of a very creative child Spirit.
The boys imagination is a bit over the top for most....where a normal person would see a hat, he saw an animal under the hat!
I have always related to this kind of thinking to a fault.
Fantasy verses reality can make wonderful art but its not good for normal day living.
Radical imagination has its pluses and minuses.
It is with this picture that I hope to share with you all a moment of thinking out of the box, 
around the box and in the box.  I didn't go looking for it as it just was a moment that made me smile.
It took me away from my life for a moment in time.
Logical is fine but if you want to expand your thinking you can go a step further.
Taking time to be creative and to nurture that half of your brain is for me like being an athlete.
For those who are more conservative in thought that want to expand your mind I will post a few books here that may help you be more unique in your thinking.

Are you MORE Right Brain or Left Brain?

Right Brain or Left Brain Dominant?
 You Tube Quiz is INTERESTING and Quick
Art Institute Test

Drawing From the Right Side of Your Brain
by Betty Edwards.

The Little Prince
Antoine De Saint-Exupery

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