Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mark Miller . Chili . Hatch

M A R K  M I L L E R
anthropologist . chef . friend

 photograph by karen kuehn NYTimes Sunday Magazine 1993
Red Sage Washington DC

 Karen is truly a unique photographer,she finds the  overlooked or "missing part of your soul  in her photos.  She is a joy to work with,totally professional,,efficient,never exploitive or manipulative'
Mark Miller /Chef /Author

 one of many books you can purchase
Mark Miller; Anthropologist, chef and friend is best known for his menus at a number of fine dining spots Nation Wide.
The Coyote Cafe most re known here in New Mexico.
I met him at the Red Sage in Washington DC
Dining at the Presidents table wasn't too shabby for me and my crew.
 Santa Fe may be his home but he is on the road more like eight months of the year gathering and tasting foods with the best of all peoples world wide.  Marks life is anything but dull.  He's been remained a sweeter than any desert friend.  On occasion we work together and better yet toast are always with fine aged wines in glass that chimes with warmth  to one's ear.
Mark is an educator, he can't help himself so if you ever get the opportunity to share food with him, do!
Like a botanist he's always pointing out all the flavors and the origins and history of food.
Having shared meals over the last two decades always food is better with Mark by your side.

photography by karen kuehn 2001 coyote cafe nm just lunch

 Uncle Sam has your Chili in Hatch NM

Red & Green Chili
(Ask for Christmas when dining in NM)
 Ristas hanging outside your door bring good fortune to your year

Motor home Man - Hatch New Mexico

This small farming town is the hub for growing chili here in New Mexico.  The town has a few small diners and several kitch over sized beings like the one's featured here in this blog.  Not much here but if you want to know about chili this is the region and the farmers are growing world class chili's to flavor and taste....hotter than fire and mild like honey.  
If chili is your thing this is the place to visit.

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