Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Everyone

Love is forthright and honest
It has dignity and endures.
Betray no love for it will forsake you.
Tell the Truth of your HEART
Abandon your dreams and you forsake yourself.
Happy are those who Love love not money.

Farmgirl Productions Wishes You all a Day filled with LOVE


  1. Nicely put...
    In my mind, only a sociopath, emotionally challenged kook ( I could go on but I won't ) could be in love with money.
    Funny when you look at people that matter in the world, or look at prophets that talked love...
    You think of, Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, Paul
    McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, Pablo Neruda etc etc...
    When you look at the modern speakers ( far from prophets ) the only ones that are in "love" with money are rappers that speak about themselves, their bitches and their money...
    See the void ?
    I do.
    So don't be a kook !!!

    Happy V day

    Love you !

  2. I love Neruda and you are inspiring me to post a few poetic masters. See you soon. XXX