Monday, January 12, 2009


This is Reid Callanan. I originally met him via Lynn Hughes former rep for Fugi and accomplished photographer/friend. I was called upon to teach my first workshop in NM in the late 80's. I was nervous and felt my mission was shooting, however pursuasive Reid got me on the roster for a week of teaching of which changed and evolved my perspective on the educational front. At first I thought it was the perfect opportunity to "give back" to my photography community but after this experience the gift was mine to have the opportunity and rather large assortment of creatives around sharing and experiencing the totality of photography in all aspects. Now years later not feeling much older but rather a few gray hairs I have returned to the adjunct teaching profession through doing group and one on one workshops with Reid's blessings always. I am very proud to say I am part of the Santa Fe Photography staff/freelance. I am also a big fan of Reid's ability to genuinely pull together some of the finest photographers to impart their professional and personal approaches to being a photographer and making images more special and supporting a rather unique core of creatives as inspiration. Reid is the catalyst for all sorts of learning and sharing. He walks quietly and humbly on our planet but he is solid granite. He has made the Santa Fe Photography Workshops an institution to be respected. I highly recommend the classes here and if your not a group person than I will gladly take your needs one on one and help you make some bold steps toward your dreams.

The Santa fe Workshops

One onOne Workshops with karen

photo by lisa goldman

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