Saturday, January 3, 2009


A year back Tim Mantoani contacted me to be one of many photographers that he was including in his project about photographer's with key pieces shot during their career. I finally connected with him Jan 2nd 2009 while passing through San Diego where he has his studio and a large format view camera set up....Tim is on his last batches of poleroid film so I feel lucky to be included. Mind you I am traveling with teenagers and a truck and trailer camping for the holiday vacation so the idea of traveling with edition prints was pretty unappealing as well and Tim (the uber guy) totally had his lab hook up the prints for his shoot! Tim couldn't be a nicer guy! Super accomidating. Thanks Tim.

When I first saw the email I found it really interesting to see some of my heros as image makers. I never really slow down and think that I may have contributed many bodies of work in my brief lifetime and I have had many great moments shared with subjects. I feel I have so much work to do and projects to complete which when you get lumped into someone elses projected it can make you think that hey....maybe I have something unique and maybe I have touched others emotionally. I had an amazing career in NYC and miss being in the hotbed of assignment shooting but I think New Mexico has something for the next chapter of my life in photography.
CHECK OUT Tims website (behind photographes project) I shoot 8x10 film pretty regularly still but when you see Tim and his associate working its like surgery. Facebook under photos you can find a few more shots under an afternoon with
Tim Mantoani.

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