Friday, January 30, 2009


Art Brewer a household name in surf photography yet not at all limited to it. Sometimes photographers get pigeonholed into a type of photography or a style ... surf, portraits, essays, advertising...the list goes on and on and the fact is some photographers are extremely talented and do many things but few realize how many avenues a shooter has to walk down just to support their lives. Art's career is a great example of just that....we all think surfing but he can do anything needed to make and evocative image. He's chill and he flows with making images to tell stories, be it many or just one as a signature image. Today I received my second book from Art. This one is called "BUNKER SPRECKELS" surfing's divine prince of decadence. The publisher Taschen
Put together by Art Brewer . C.R.Stecyk III. The book is one that you open and want to make friends with right away. Surf culture one can experience with this book. It should be a movie. I want to be on a beach reading it, and better yet being the character Bunker would of been a blast. He seems like the Jim Morrison of surfing, or much like the writer Hunter Thompson. How come I didn't know about this guy? Now their is an entire book about him and he's the real deal. The book is just loaded with timeless images uncensored and each one is leaving you more hungry than the last. Art is the man....he's got the eye and the appetite for life. This book is outright SEXY and makes you THINK....what the hell I'm I doing here on this planet. I need to have more fun. We all get so caught up with bills and positioning our careers that we get derailed. Those of us who actually love what we taking pictures get pushed aside for the flavor of the month, making you wonder what or why were doing what we do. Arts book really reminded me of the great passion of living and being who were suppose to be fearlessly.
The book is full of interview style quotes about a man's cycle of life. Bunker also reminds me of Woody Harrelson living on the edge...maybe normal for him but when your in that sort of vital way of living one doesn't often have time to think about more than just BEING.
Thanks Art for sharing your point of view. Always a pleasure.
This book has a wonderful mysterious allure for me.
Great book go buy it esp if your a lover of Surf and Anthropology. Art was there and his eyes have gifted all of us an interesting journey of a few wild cards. This a good book for a hamock day.


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