Monday, March 11, 2013

Gabrielle Rosenberg NYC Stylist

photographed by karenkuehn - Susan Levinson NFL for Vanity Fair - Styled by Gabrielle Rosenberg
 "Karen Kuehn is not just an amazing photographer, she is an incredible artist. Karen is a genius talent, she is fun, energetic, creative, and has a definite unique vision. She is not only one of the very best female photographers I have ever had the pleasure to work with, Karen is one of the very best photographers I have ever worked with. I rarely ask for photos from my photographers, I have 2 of Karen's photos hanging in my home, I hold her in high regard as a person, and I highly refer her as a photographer" 
 Gabrielle Rosenberg
photographed by karen kuehn Styled by Gabrielle Rosenberg
Mucho Gracias Chica
 One of the most difficult jobs on a team producing images for clients is styling.
Gabby and I have worked together for many years.
Many dedicated hours of hunting down the perfect fashion for each task at hand.
She asked me for a recommendation on LINKEDIN and naturally I responded instantly.
I didn't expect her to recommend me; however I just found her posting.
Very sweet and appreciated.  
I don't get my jobs from this venue however if I did wouldn't that be a plus.  
The hustling for work always continues in on many avenues. 
Couldn't hurt to have kind words with a sincere heart.
Thank you Miss Rosenberg

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