Thursday, March 28, 2013

Playa Messiah

George P. Post
P h o t o g r a p h e r 's that cover the event Burning Man, my heart goes out to you and your gear. 
 But the shooters that actually manifest a book are few and far between.
Today I received George Post new book.  A gracious future trade for one of mine still in waiting for a publisher other than myself.  
...So the book's large and very inviting.  I open it and inscribed to me; a new dusty friend. 
 I am feeling Christmas inside.  Giddy and excited to have his book before me. 
 Each page delights me with new surprises and history of this event unfolding his 20 year attendance.
  I know some of the characters.  Seeing them nude in the early days made me smile.  
Seeing all the images by George is very inspiring for it holds passages of time and great memories for many.
This is a book to buy and cherish, especially if your a long time burner and/or a newbie.
Not only is has he completed a healthy volume of work over two decades, but he's a really nice guy.
Open and able to share his processes with ease. 
George Post A Lovely Man. 
photo credit lil' ol' moi.
 I am looking forward to connecting in person one day.
 I am grateful and now his newst fan.  
Not only are there so many images to ponder but the words just feed you leaving you wanting more. 
 Terrific photography book to support the Burning Man event's.
I look at all the images and it makes me feel like I just did 20 years on the Playa.
You will laugh, wonder and go Wow! 
I'm sure he will sell out so get your books now.

 Buy it HERE


  1. Wow, thank you Karen for the glowing review! Be sure to check out the sample page-spreads on my books website; there's a mix of old and new imagery, by way of giving you a taste of what's inside.

  2. I think your work and this book should be supported. You deserve it.