Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Malcolm Tarlofsky

What Does Malcolm Think?
Art by Malcolm Tarlofsky

Malcolm is an old pal and amazing artist I met many years ago in NYC.  We have kept in touch over the years.
Check out his work for its so evolved and sensitive.
I saw works of his in magazines and one day I called to say hey that was a great piece of art.
We met for coffee and so it continues.
A few nights ago he reached out and I sent him links to the work I produced at Burning Man.
This is his take on it and I felt it was a good reminder that I am gifted so much there and that my way of seeing feels right a home.
I was hoping to go this year however I am not feeling I can.  He is nudging me to make the art I do and stay focused on the bigger picture.
I still have no clue if I will be there or not but if so like a ghost I will wisp my way around and love those who fall before me like angels.

"You have a symbiotic relationship with Burning Man...your unique gifts are in perfect sync with the surreal theatre that is there to be captured...and you do it so beautifully in a way that mirrors the very essence of it. LOVE the rainbow spread...water truck...
Zonotopia shot and Walter the bus!
I LOVE the way you juxtaposed the monochrome portraits with the creations in Metropolove...
and your incredible ability to get people to reveal themselves in such an honest relaxed manner is breathtaking...what lovely portraits!
My Eyes Are Burning is just as impressive...with that deeply earthy cover shot and so many others inside...
I love the silhouette with the hoop...the lacy tush and elf statue in lap etc. etc.
The shots of you and Sara are also great
So...what do I think?

Well...I think you have documented a very ephemeral happening in an extraordinary way. 
They will never be able to be seen again...and you have captured it forever.
You have documented the haunting, raw, retro surreal theatre for all to see...
and that is pretty special...but to have it done with such perception and lyricism is very rare.
But you also reveal the life of the event along with the personalities of the participants...
and you bring the viewer into this quirky fantasyland with real sensitivity and love.

2013?....You better go! hook or crook you must do it while your still passionate about it...
no excuses! "

Thank You Malcolm always a LOVE.

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