Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Cycle of LOVE

Cycle of LOVE
Tomas and Rae take a moment to scoot around the Playa.
These two people are busier than bees making sure that your art experience is maximized with the Black Rock Arts Foundation.
You may ask what happens to the art after it leaves the Playa?
BRAF is one of the main foundations that helps place large pieces globally.
Be sure to check them out and if your a patron of the arts with excess money make a donation to support placement of public art.

"Riding our Schwinn Twin, Double Trouble,  is a good metaphor for our "cycle" of love -
We strive to: be in sync, let go, keep pushing, take over when the other one gets weary, 
and move forever forward. And, working smoothly in tandem, we can be twice as powerful 
-- and twice as playful.

Tomas and Rae 

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