Monday, May 21, 2012

Stellar By Night

photographs in Brandon s dads paint booth.
Congratulations to New Mexico's local band Stellar By Night.
Brandon Roukus,  Bryant Gifford and Josh Best produced by Shane McConnell
Winning Best Metal Band.
Met Brandon years ago as a volunteer fire fighter.
He walked onto my property looking like Robert Plant.
It was a double take for me as he seemed out of place and character; a rocker in firefighting wardrobe!
As I got to know him and his dreams we began a friendship.
I needed some welding help and he needed photographs
He had a band and that was an easy hook up.
My sons father is a musician and produces TV spots and songs for bands/ singer song writers.  I did the introduction and Brandon and Shane have become a successful team.
This is their second award won together here in New Mexico.
Good Job Men.

 Stellar by Night
Shane McConnell

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