Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Laurent Le Gall

Voyage To Utopia

A film made by my friend Laurent Le Gall a french film maker here in the States.
He' has the premier job; traveling and making films about the USA.
I met Laurent one evening in a camp ground in California.
I had traveled out to look at colleges with my son.
I seem to know a lot of musical types from my career so we gathered a tribe to play round our campfire.  A fiddler Chris Murphy and my son some old friends and family.
A dozen of  us...laughing and sharing joy; a common scene in my life.
I spied with little eye a neighboring camper; Laurent.
Signalling to him to come join us...come come.
He did and he said wow wow it s like you have your very own Burning Man!
Not having gone ever, wanting to but being a mom didn't really make that possible due to work and a busy lifestyle.
Music played and as the evening wided down our new friend ran off to his RV and returned with a dozen films for all who were present.
Merci My To My New French Family.
See You Soon

Here s a little You Tube Action on Laurents film.

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