Saturday, May 19, 2012


last day of burn I ran over to Dusty and Dimples to make a sweet memory.

Making New Friends
Friendships that sustain time are some of the most valued.
I met Dusty Burton 2009 BM at our camp.  He was kind and generous, always wanting to share the adventures.  I was on a mission so taking a break to play was not of interest to me at the time. After the burn myself and my assistant/dear friend "Rocket" met Dusty in Reno to see the Celtic Forest exhibit and than to the Museum where I fell in love with Kate Raudenbushs piece.  She also had a teardrop sculpture on the Playa that year.
Over the year we spoke many times via the phone.
Just a really nice connection and he was a good friend to me.
2010 I met his partner Laurie aka Dimples.  
It was great to see and feel Dusty find a fabulous love.
Laurie is a beautiful Spirit with mad skills in the area of healing.
When you see two people growing together you see positive changes.
Pounds drop and faces change. The lights go on so to speak.
I want to wish them much love and successes.
I am happy to get to know them bits at a time.
Big Hugs to YOU BOTH.

" Love and Passion
 Heart and soul
 Forceful And tenacious
  Clear Light and Warm Heart"

 Dusty Burton

"joy love connection safety vulnerability imperfection challenge
a radical heart embraces it all with passion and abandon
surrender to love as a path of  transformation"

Laurie Agee
Warmest Always Glad to have the connection growing.

At Burning Man Anything is POSSIBLE.
But to carry it past and beyond the Playa takes real courage.


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