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Josh Keppel NBC photographer.

I met Josh 2009 he did a clip on BM people for the NBC station out of San Francisco.
Much to my surprise an interview aired celebrating the creatives of Burning Man.
We have become mutual admires of one another's images over the last few years.
At 2010 Burn he had a kitchen making cookies and pizza...we loved stoppin by for a cool glass of milk and a munchie.
Thanks Josh and Amy.
We were able to give them our mutant vehicle for a night.
New parents having a break on the Playa.
Here's to you Josh and your beautiful family.
You make a difference with your vision for many.
NBC and the people of San Francisco are very lucky to have you.

"I feel lucky, excited, and privileged to share my glimpse
into the world with people who aren't able to see some things
with their own eyes. I feel a real responsibility to capture the truth,
tell good stories, and inform through images, words and beauty.
I love when people tell me their opinions have shifted
 after seeing something I shared."

Josh Keppel

Asking these questions is only fair play to turn about. 

"Photographers are in the world in a very different way.
Fueled by curiosity, inspired by daily life without a major agenda - in the NOW.
The camera gives creative license to tell stories,  "I am a vessel for messaging."

I don't take this for granted, its an honor and sacred, this ability to shed light upon souls. 
 God has my back, Spirit, Buddha its all the same to me - the Supreme Being.
Driven by a greater FAITH in the love I have for humanity:
good intent my constant goal.
Always granted tremendous access to subjects from the darkest to the brightest.
Traveling into arenas that most would fear and than some. 
You can't do this without having a pure mission to "DO THE RIGHT THING." 
I don't expose to take things down, but rather build 'em up. 
Many kinds of photo journalists in the world, some cover the wars, the poverty, others opulence and a range of essays. 
I like doing it all but most of all and I like the sense of mystery when approaching new subjects.
I see humor in the world and prefer it to tragedy.
As I grow within my medium my feelings are melting more toward a sensual point of view.
 Life is fun and sexy and I like to roll on that frequency thinking in an expansive fashion to elevate joy while evoking an emotion. 
Love inspires me, I will forever be in love with love."

karen kuehn

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