Friday, May 18, 2012

LOVE is Awake

So much love in the world to feel and reflect as well and accept.
The Universe provides lessons in every experience shared.
To really love you have to show up for your self.
Honor and maintain high standards or you will trip into the trap of suffering.
When we fall in love with someone we drop our guard and trust unconditionally.
Not always a wise move.
We are here to learn and evolve, make a difference if your lucky.
Karma past present future. 
Do you run from love or run to it?
Choosing the quality of love you want can feed your soul in a healthy way.
"It is never too early or too late to care for the well-being of the soul."
People who talk a lot and spin things often run from love.
They think they are running to it but seriously the most wounded and depressed souls I've met are the one's loudest in the room. 
If that isn't you, most certainly you have witnessed a few suffering out of need!
I call them the "LOOK AT ME" people.  They are hurting the most and need the most compassion and love.
Often a cry for help.
Unresolved issues usually posturing themselves in prominent positions to be important. 
The "lover" can't show up for you if they haven't arrived for themselves. 
It works both ways.
We must break old patterns.
Not settling for less is being awaken to accept more and be abundant for those we love.
To edit and recognize an equal partner means recognizing in time the reality of whom you share love, being open to growing rather than staying stuck in the old ways of our family teachings. We learn together and break patterns to love deeper.  This is exciting if you have a partner that shares this possibility in real time.
The Four Agreements 
( a good read to wake up and break patterns) 
Are you stuck with your old ways not working out?
Change means stop the game of the circle dance...get a new point of view move out of your self imposed box.
 "THE WORK" to manifest healthy and happy choices is much more interesting.
Everyone is exactly where they are suppose to be in their processes.
As we awaken we can learn the lessons and avoid the path of suffering.
You are not a bad person if you don't have the mature tools to progress in life.
But you will continue to hurt and hurt others, not unlike a blister.
It will all pop in time and be messy.
You can have many loving experiences in a lifetime.
Over and over and over like a broken record.
Creating a rather broken story and wounding souls.
Stopping those patterns is hard but possible.
Boring and predictable might as well be dead.
Being in a love relationship can't be one sided.
Single minded people have an agenda, secret or otherwise.
As Eckthardt Tolle talks of many times over 
The EGO is the child and self absorbed energy.
When you are with a great LOVE they think of you rather than posture or placate you for personal gain.
 Co dependent existing with another person is killing love in American households hence the same old story.
Affair after affair and so it goes...creating a pattern that feeds the brain of the "thrill" this becomes yet another addiction for many of those types.
All kinds of characters out there, just make sure your dreams are shared and inclusive. 
Actions not words.
Following your heart is one thing but both hearts have to be honest and aligned.
Ever hear that old adage...Out of sight out of mind!
People who are ego driven need to be validated all the time.
Doesn't matter by who...just a need for attention.
Another one of those childhood lacking in therapy sessions!
Sometimes you can love a person that just isn't healthy or soulful enough to keep up with you.  
It's okay to cut it loose especially if they won't seek council to grow out of old traits that keep them stuck so they can't have evolved love.
Children play but at a late age in life if an adult hasn't processed with actions real love.
The odds are not with them evolving.
The patterns continue as they do what they've always done.
Getting what they always got.
In love its easy to love if your loving for another.
Sex isn't love it s biology.
We all know a few people that are poly amorous.
Often married yet caring on with extra affairs on the side.
This is not your work but theirs and chances are they are like a cat with a mouse and can't help themselves.
Somethings will never change.  Decades of patterns repeated.
Finding healthy loving relationship is key.
Sometimes were unlucky in love and lucky with lessons.
Be the love you want to receive and don't live in denial.
You only starve your beautiful being for crumbs no doubt.
Ego will get the best of any one.
Ego eats your soul and than you get to be NOTHING.
Make your stories of love good.
The mirror of truth is always there we just refuse to look when were in love with what we want to see as good!
LOVE is UNDERSTANDING and seeing the other for whom they really are rather than the projection.
Love is accepting and thoughtful. It doesn't grip it lets go.
I love this image of HOPE with the Alchemy of Lover's poem.
Hope and fantasy are not real love.
Love is deep seeded and selfless.
You can love those whom are less than more.
When your a positive creative person you have to carefully select the love you want to share your soul.
Make a check list and adhere to it as if you were to marry yourself.
Take care of your soul as to not get consumed by those whom don't know the value of your worth.
LOVE is INFINITE and recognized Mindfully for many.
I wish you all a good story of reality with an awakened heart and hearts shared.
HONOR YOURSELVES WITH LOVE that feeds the fire honestly. 
HOPEFUL always that all my Great Loves will evolve as I must.
Equanimity occurs with awareness and frees you.
Love is a gift.
Give it BIG Always and Edit Well.

The Alchemy of Lover’s

Two soul’s forever.
Flying apart once upon a time a Union treasured.
What is, what was, remains.

All emotion watered down can t douse the flame
Heart’s that flicker hard to tame.
What is, what was, remains.

No one can bridle Spirits
In love, not even the lover.
What is, what was, remains.

O to the Paramour
Enigmatic, obscure,unfathomable
What is, what was, remains


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  1. THE DAILY OM posted this and its worth the share.
    Always Actions. Don't be sold a line of no goods
    Actions Speak Louder

    You may have difficulty determining whether others are telling the truth today, and thus feel anxious when engaging in interpersonal interactions that revolve around matters of importance. Though your skepticism can help you protect yourself from those seeking to deceive you, your dubiousness can alienate you from people whose intentions are sincere. You may find that you feel more confident among your peers if you take their actions into account when examining their integrity. Should you find that others’ deeds do not correspond with their words, consider confronting them to determine the root of the discrepancy. You will also likely become a better judge of character today as you gradually become familiar with honest and dishonest body language.

    When we are uncertain as to whether the people in our environments are being entirely honest with us, we can learn much about their intentions by carefully observing their movements and the choices they make. Often individuals whose opinions or purposes do not correspond with their words cannot help but reveal their true thoughts in their actions. As we see others behaving and acting in ways that are not in accordance with the assertions they make, we can use this information as a guide in our interactions. The more aware we are of how others act and react, the better equipped we are to both connect with honest individuals and avoid being hurt by those with fraudulent intentions. If you take both words and deeds into account today, your capacity to identify the truth will increase.