Saturday, May 12, 2012


Listing all those whom support the completion of MetropoLOVE

Gratitude To All the PATRONS of MetropoLOVE
Thank you we have 16 days left to make goal.
The book is taking shape and I'm posting images on kick starter as well.
After it completes the funding goal I will process the remaining film, than swap out some images and begin wrapping the project with elegant touches.
MetropoLOVE; the book filled with many wonderful souls and their stories.
Reward Prints will be made and mailed out before the next Burning Man event.
Those who want to up their pledges can.
100.00 gets silver prints 11x14
500.00 gets silver edition prints 16x20
If your at the 100 mark I will honor you with that print and if you go to the next mark you will have two prints for the upgrade.
Those folks at 500.00 and up now will get all the options for being such gems.

Thank s To All of YOU this is blooming nicely with love.


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