Friday, May 11, 2012

Woman on Fire

A Warrior Woman That Rocks It.

"The heat, the smoke, the flames infect you with a sense of now. It is scary and thrilling, like first love. It leaves a lasting impression that you know is shared by everyone in that moment with you. It is a visceral communion."
Harley K. Dubois 
Having worked as a National Park Ranger for many years in my life, I was called out to work on fires in Montana,  my job was third in line, toting gas for the chainsaw fire fighters. Up hills and in to steep terrain.  It was by far the most difficult job in my life.
You have to be aerobic and in stellar fitness for such a duty.
Being a woman in the 80s fighting fire was acceptable and hearing that Harley was one of the first women fire fighters in San Francisco was for me more than impressive.
When I got my back country ranger job I was told if I mess up no more women will be assigned horse patron in Glacier National Park.
Whoa the pressure was on! 
Harley had to deal with all those concepts and remain solid and more than capable  in her duties.  I can only imagine her feelings as one of the first women to set the stage for a fire fighting role that had been only for men till she arrived.
She's a humble beautiful person.
In asking her for a quote I knew it had to be married with fire.
Thank you Harley for your feelings are inspiring.
She's got more than Spark.

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