Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Son My Heart

Ashley and Emmett heading it the gates of BM
The Ten Principles of BM and the Ticket Holders
Naked Greeters Katie and Emilo huggin Ashley "OH MY"
My Son Emmett 17 his first Burning Man Experience
What better time to take a feral teenager to Burning Man than prior to their 18th Birthday!
He flew into Reno while my assistant and friend Ashley and I drove from NM.
Emmett is a mellow beautiful soul.  He can pick out Jimi Hendrix with ease or funk it up  for a cool sonic vibe.
We worked by day as he just enjoyed each and every moment with friends and strangers alike.  I gave him the mom talks and I am proud to say he took it and ran free.
He was never gone for long always returning to our camp.
I was thank ful for less worry than more.
He is my son and moms can worry.

He's got good sense so for this I could relax and feel confident that he would be just fine.
Here's his feelings about BM
 Burning Man
"Inspires the mind as well as the soul to reach out of your box and into the unknown, bringing you closer to yourself and others. 
Each day should be a celebration of life and love.
 A world where people come together as one."

Emmett McConnell

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