Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Art as Habitat

Dome's As Shelter

Many beautiful and thoughtful structures placed at Burning Man to shelter souls during the many "WHITE OUTS".  Its awesome to duck into an art installation to wait out the wind and fine dust that cakes your skin and everything for the duration of your time at Black Rock City.  
You have to be radically self reliant as the website states.  Bring your shelter, your food, fuel, water, transportation and much more.
The elements are not like anywhere I've ever been before, its not for the faint of Heart.
My assistant loved it and will return but her boyfriend never wants to go!
He supports her creatively and with that shes well on her way to yet another burn adventure. For me I love making images and doing projects in the world and this environment is certainly a photographers dream.
You can't see or do it all in the time span that this event is active.
I do my best.  Its overwhelming and each time I have returned I see an image that I didn't see while there is just part of the Wow factor.
Photographing at Burning Man is Work, hard work and expensive.
I hope can help support this project as the book will be a great story about art and love on the Playa.


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Thank You.

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