Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mindful Science

photo by karen kuehn  "The Lotus Dance"
So Many Beautiful People at Burning Man

 One such person is Loren Carpenter, sweet, smart and talented affecting lives of many with his genius.  
I camped with him 2009 and my memories were only those that would turn a frown upside down.  
If you like Toy Story you'll like Loren.
Here's his quote for the image of him dance with his wife in center camp on the Playa.
The vehicle one he made a lotus flower.
Well wishes to the Spirits that care to love.
Thank You Loren for you wonderful Quote
Quotes through out the book are 
What is love?
 What Inspires you?
What Inspires Loren?
  " I'm energized by Nature, smart people, and mysteries, but my inspiration comes from within.
            It's the force behind the compulsion to make the world better, however I can.
  Sometimes through inventing technology, sometimes by spreading delight, sometimes by explaining
            a new concept to a child, ...  I get ideas from everywhere (ideas are where you find them),
            mostly looking in places far off the beaten path; and some of those places have keep out signs.
            Many ideas are in response to a need, mine or others; 
but some are in response to a need that has yet to be recognized. 
 Those are the most fun."

Loren Carpenter


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