Saturday, May 12, 2012


Temple Burn by photograph by karen kuehn
Created by Flux Foundation
Designed by Rebecca Anders, Jess Hobbs, PK Kimelman
with Ben Anderson and Catie Magee

Each year some artist are awarded the task of building the temple.
The Temple is burned the night after the Man burns.
Its a very different experience.
Its HEAVY to say the least.
Maybe its light for some but just looking at this image I am weepy.
People from all over leaving letters, notes, photographs, wedding dresses, you name it.... parts of past present future relations to burn with in the walls of the Temple.  
As friends sat in their mutant vehicles I roamed looking for images.
 Over 56 thousand people sitting in a circle waiting for the fire marshals, the LLC of Burning Man to let her rip.  Pay respects, saying farewells we all share this moment.
LOSS is sacred in this space for many.
Its so quiet that the clicking of my camera  can be a bother for few.
I hope this image emotes and makes those of you feel how important the Temple Burn is for many.
The Temple of Flux will be in my book as a page of PRAYER.
Sit with it and feel all of your heart emotions.
Close your eyes, feel those whom have past, beings human and furry, use your senses. 
So very quiet and moving one's essence deeper in thought.  
Mindful of those we love and have loved.
A great passage of time, for me it marks a pinnacle for faith in something more than less.
Love shared at the event is forever treasured by those whom embraced it.
No one can remove the love of Spirits blended.
Embraced with gratitude.



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