Tuesday, May 8, 2012

MetropoLOVE Poetry

photography by karen kuehn BM 2010 - Art Descriptions DBT

"I awoke this morning on fire
My senses ablaze with the memory of you
"Love me."
Your hair between my fingers
The scent and heat of your neck
The soft curves of your hips against mine
The sweetness of your nectar
The fearless and vulnerable look in your eyes
As you whispered two words to me
Over and again
And again
"Love me."
And our hearts spilled over
Like candle wax aflame
"Love me."
And I did
It was not a request
Even as I lie here, frozen, and burning
Unable to even speak
"Love me."
Kissed by God, full on the lips
Knowing my world is long behind me
Knowing I have fallen
Yet it feels like rising
I soar upon your currents
I breathe you
"Love me."
And I do"



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