Thursday, May 17, 2012

Reverend Billy Talen

 "Strange how ecstatic sensation sails us into flight and brings us home at the same moment. Love makes us free of where we were, and what a relief. And then love always takes place in a place, a valley or ocean or mountain is holding up our bodies as we intertwine, and we have our home again."
Reverend Billy Talen


More than a double rainbow, when Reverend Billy Talen walks into your life.
The light shines on you.
And I do recall some rather big belly laughs too!
He will be holding service this year at David Best s Temple for the BM community.
2012 BM 
If you donate the set amount to the Temple building you get to sit in on that service.
Do listen to Best speak about the importance of the Temple.
Support isn't always money , its labor its images, its the indomitable Spirit with prayers and care in all sorts of ways.
Photographers give images and the world is awakened by media presence.
Burning Man is not an easy environment to maintain daily.
Radical Self Reliance is key.
I run rogue as my eyes far-reaching make exhaustive sweeps as a seer.  
I am a die hard for creative good that is constituted in the organic revealed.
Quieter and more stealth for a picture can create a thousand words and feelings.
Iconic capture always goal and part of the ingredients of my work.
I come with a mission to support the Supreme presence.
It is my faith in a bigger picture that drives me and my art.
This project MetropoLOVE is completely driven with LOVE and INTENT to HONOR those I photographed.
We are all so connected and to make a difference is goal.
2012 Temple a conversation with David Best.

My favorite Reward is Reverend Billy Talen

Learn more about the Temple and support it.

AMEN and Blessings to All the Past Present Future 
May you all feel love and joy 
Make A Good Story.

To Pledge MetropoLOVE

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