Friday, January 27, 2012

Always Carry Your Camera

Ready set go.  I am in and out of so many interesting places and people's lives that I don't really get too precious about my gear...I always have at least one camera in my purse..yup its the kitchen sink, camera, leather-man, tape measure, work gloves, headlamps and you name it...I'm ready.  Sometimes I toss in a flash but sometimes I just go with the flow...try to capture images differently from the time with what is available is my preferred way of shooting when I'm running rogue.  Here's some pics from last weekend going to the ABQ Social Club, had a blast with doc pals and aka Rocket.  I've seen some of the best Drag shows in America and I have to say that right here in ABQ New Mexico the girls were hilarious, warm and wonderful.  Had a great evening with less red tape for shooting than the major cities...I didn't go with the intent to shoot but always I do!

 Drag Education
 The Hostess Sabrina

 Hair and body to die for...seriously a beautiful soul

 shake shake shake
 I love the retro feel

 Some slow exposures with the use of zoom

 Backstage is always more interesting to me.

 Sabrina shares a smoke with Tod
Huggin our pal Jeff.

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