Sunday, January 29, 2012

In The Wake of Living

Recently I got a really interesting request.  I was asked to take some photographs of my friend Mike.  He wants to have some happy images of himself for his future WAKE! could I not say yes!  What an odd idea I thought than I really thought about it, how cool of this friends dad to want to have some fun images of himself for his funeral.
Now he isn't planning on dying soon, he's about 50 at the most and I shoot photographs of his rock star son randomly.  Mike fixes my truck.  Its all sort of family thing I guess.  Were all connected in a very nice way.   So with this idea in my pocket I 've pondered how I can create a strange little site all about WAKE IMAGING....I love that I can be hired for making these images that could indeed be a riot and someones funeral.  If any of you have an idea about naming this business venture by all means speak up!  WAKE UP....ummm Six Feet Above.....I think the possibilities for humor and light and love are endless here and I may have a new slant on this economy that is KILLING most of us creative types.  I'll be sure to post those images but Mike wants to loose some weigh first so he can look really good for his funeral expose'.

Till Death Do Us Part !

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