Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Models Come in All Shapes and Sizes

photograph by karen kuehn for the NYT Sunday Magazine

A fine subject modeling for a story on organ transplants.
No we didn't drug him, he was brought in by an animal handler and you could tell he was well loved and calm.  Popped him right on the styled table and as you can see he is really looking me right in the lens.  
Pigs are more human than most humans I know.
Very loving and friendly.
Loyal and observant.
Since this session I rarely can eat bacon, sausage and pork parts.
Rainbow colored foods are the recommend of Deepak Chopra
I have two sheep on my farm and you can smell the lamb.
ZZ and Dot, they follow me everywhere and are part of my family.
In a perfect world we co exist in harmony.
Darwin in a simpler world less manufactured is substance living.
Too many people on this planet, too much pollution and consumption and waste.
Easy to see, more difficult to remedy.
But if we each do our part for thinking
GREEN Conservation
Future generations will be better off.
The future of our planet needs all our care.
Old news just a reminder.
Look those animals in the eyes and you will eat less pig, less if you really look.
Same with Dolphins... The Cove by my friend Louie Psihoyos is a must see.

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  1. Yes to Rainbow colored foods! It is very hard to eat meat when you visualize the face of the animal as you take a bite...