Tuesday, January 31, 2012


 Photograph of Shannen profided by the Mistress of Photography herself
I'm 17, I attend the Walden School of Liberal Arts in Provo, Utah.
My dream is to become a lawyer, but photography calls to the punk
"artsy" side of myself. If you could call it that. I hate creating
with canvases and messy paints. But photography, I do what I want. No
questions asked. It's my weapon, and my paint brush. I love it.
 "Nobody captures the essence of juxtaposition in an images as much a
Karen Kuehn. As a photography student, I look to her images as an
example, and more importantly- a challenge. I push myself to mirror
her balancing act of light and dark she showcases in her work."

- Shannen Breen

Dear Karen Kuehn,

I am a photography student who greatly admires your work. I would like
To interview you by email. The answers will only be shared with my
photojournalism class. If you would be so kind as to answer these

1- Do you prefer to capture dark matter or light matter?

Both, the dark is just as alluring to me as the light...the more mystery the better....makes me curious

2- Does you prefer a conflicting image or one that shows symmetry.

It s all interesting me , conforming can be very dynamic but organic is for me personally a little easier on the eyes.
Each persons brain translates and relays feelings according to their personal being's attraction.  I have never felt one way or another and certainly not conflicting but inspiring.

3- Who first introduced you to photography?
My stepfather who is priceless still.

4- Do you ever regret taking a picture that doesn't tell the whole story?

No.  I think the word essay is why you have several images to tell a story well.
I do make images that tell the story in one ICONIC capture; however that is tricky and not always easy as a storyteller.  No regrets only lessons and attempts and successes as well as the old saying....
"a few additional photographs must be taken." John Wycoff, my first great photo instructor

5- Are you shy about who/what you photograph?

No not shy, sometimes reserved, just thoughtful and considerate first and foremost.

6- Do you like capturing magical moments or ordinary life better?

It's all magical and ordinary for me.  I can find the good in the worst situation and make the best and the most out of it. Hence even the mundane can be magical.  So I guess I really try to see the good in things rather than focus on the bad.  Unless your doing humanity work to tell a story to make a difference, reveal the bastardization of some culture I lean toward the lighter side of life.

7- Who are your favorite photographers?

Duane Michals, Sally Mann, David M Kennedy, Norman Mauskopf, Helmut Newton are just a few.

8- What's in your camera bag?

Donkey bag, a finger puppet, oil removing tissues, a couple cameras,a flash, model releases...the usual...some styling supplies, batteries, pens, breath mints, toothbrush.

9- Do you view life with a photographers eye?

No my life is my art, my eyes are windows, my fingers are triggers that capture moments, the brain can create those of your can witness it in the real world.  I do both.  My life; artful and poetic are the way I FEEL my life with my soul awaken sees in and out of the box.

10- If so, do you view #9 a blessing or a curse?

No because I am evolved enough to not just live through a lens and I'd highly suggest all of you students do the same..how can you see well if you don't EXPERIENCE , don't just be a voyeur, but rather use all your senses to imagine a subject and / or try an activity like water skiing....how can you shoot it if you don't know how to do it?  You pick and choose but I promise you will take better images if you partake in life rather than observe only.  I'm not saying try all the bad things out there but do be brave for things that could be healthy in your life.  

-Thanks so much for your time,

Shannen Breen (Student of that fickle mistress they call Photography)

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