Thursday, January 12, 2012


photo by unknown artist


The world we live in is abundant with information. On assignment I remember always pulling over to use the pay phones Touching base with editors and subjects. Now we have such a huge connection to the world through our phones! Some people live on the computers and phones. I am forced to use them as well for I need my connections for work and supporting the business of photography. Living on a farm I've managed to create a very cool life style. I have to work harder to render more jobs. NYC and all coastal work based out of those metro places needs to be courted. It was a choice I made for raising my one son. I removed him from the chaos of city life... He had an amazing life as a child living in Manhattan NY but the time came at age eight to move West.
No regrets just working harder to seek out assignments and let those editors and art buyers know that I do indeed exist and I love working.
The South West is an amazing place to live, so many things to do and art to make and interesting people to mingle.
I spend less time on planes and in cars and more time doing and making things that are less computer and more textural in nature.
Yes I fly for most jobs to far away places and that is great. I drive hours for local assignments. I consider my Diesel truck my home away from home. My office on wheels. I can't live without it. Sometimes you get a project in the back country and you find yourself driving over wash board roads to meet artist, weavers, native family's and Eco friendly's all an adventure and daily feeds my life with a sort of earthiness I found lacking in the city.
I did however belong to the garden community in the lower east side NYC B & 4th. Good times but a 4x8 plot of dirt as now turned to 6 acres of sustainability. I need open space, stars, nature. These things recharge my soul and make me a better shooter for clients as well as my art.
Here on the farm ... I share my soul with many. One never knows whose gonna stop by and surprise you. Everyone is welcomed, coffee, fresh eggs and homemade goodies seem to be in the oven more than not.
Couture in past tense, a closet full of beauty and yet no place to wear it. I love fabrics and clothing, my parents always said I should of gone for the fashion photography career! I did not. I do sew and make things out of steel and found materials. My fashion is varied from Dickie's and work boots to lace.
I am very basic and busy with what feels real to me now.
I have no time to waste.
I see my life creating photographic essays and projects still however I have a hankering for sculpture on a huge forum.
I am currently making a mock up of a piece that I feel very inspired by three artist.
I can't share my idea right now but here's some food for thought.
Enjoy their work they are masters.
For me my future fashion will be my art.

Bok bok bok.

Richard Serra
James Turrell
Tom Otterness

Richard Serra

James Turrell

Tom Otterness

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