Thursday, April 19, 2012


Bliss Dance 2010
Bliss 2010 Burning Man 
Marco Cochrane Artist and his amazing crew brought BLISS to the Playa.
She was the Belle of that Ball for sure.  My dear friend Nicole Bloss designed all the swag that went along with this huge beautiful piece.
Chakra infused.
50ft plus in height we all were in awe of this Vision of Beauty.
Marco s love for sculpting women is evident and precise.
I met Marco 2009 and he was part of my 
Catch of the Day book project. 
Upon my entry to my first Burn I met greeters;
Nicole; "Alpha Pussy" and Janus Osiris RedMoon.
 I would in time become endeared and blessed by those I shared treasured moments. 
Marco told me outright I will be here next year with a large project and thus Bliss was created with the help of many, unmentioned and appreciated.
With love comes great possibility.
I have received so much love and encouragement from my tribe of burners that I can say I will be back with bigger and better projects as well and its the ART that is the MUSE
I feel real LOVE from folks that don t have a need to spout they are SPIRITUAL but ARE indeed deep and loving souls.
I am enveloped by abundance now that I've fueled a the real fire that supports artist and art.
Thank you for supporting my projects as they reinforce art on the PLAYA.

love to all XOXO



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