Thursday, April 26, 2012


My assistant Leggy getting greeted by Dr Deb on the Playa BM 2010

The Hand of L O V E
"love is when you and me are the same.
when we are not "you" and "I".
There is no "other", Just a vast empty space for "us".
feel this....its big,its big love.
feeling love and actively putting it out into the universe is love too.
when i offer love, its because I am love.
I love everybody.Everybody loves me.
I love.we love
I am love.We are love.
Imagine everybody loving.
love and fire"
dr deb

This large body of images and all the ingredients are being sifted through with only one mission; LOVE.
I am gathering quotes and feelings from many of the subjects to add to their spreads.
I have quotes from all the artist about what inspires!
Simple and to the point.
This morning I woke up to a lovely expression of love from Dr. Deb Windham.
She is truly a free spirit and beauty spreading joy and love to all she meets.
You don't even have to meet her to feel her freedom and reflection.
She just makes you just SMILE and say RIGHT ON.
The reason I went to Burning Man is not the reason I went to Burning man.
My mission in life is to message and inspire loving kindness.
To make a difference by telling life stories that can reveal truth, humor and beauty.
Sometimes stories are ugly and those too have lessons. Find the good.
For me...LOVE...plain and simple to let the Supreme Spirit filter message's through my body and soul as vehicle.
This project is on fire with love and it will inspire even the least awake human being to be a better person. 
The collection of characters in images are illuminating as well as educating soulful bits and pieces of individual and unique people.
Many Thanks to My Angels

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