Tuesday, April 10, 2012

METROP O LOVE 35% Pledged!

Miles Davis piece on LOVE in the midst of a "White OUT"
 While driving along the Playa en-route to Robert Bengston's piece called FLIGHT a dust storm engulfed our mutant vehicle.  We stopped and waited for it to pass. A moment that was so memorable when this man appeared playing jazz on the Playa.
We enjoyed every magical minute.
Gathering his name and and than he played us a love song by Miles Davis.
We will share that with you in this book.
Please if you feel any love to support art and images pledge here:

Here's our average for fund raising.
Today many lovely notes arrived supporting the art and my vision.
Not everyone is able to help out but the love pouring onto me right now is overwhelming and I am grateful.
Those who love and respect my vision my soul I thank you for stepping up.
Making images is what I do and I feel I am blessed with an unusual and soulful way of seeing and feeling within the world.  
Sometimes it s just difficult having an extra sense about things.  I can read into images and people, I can almost tell you the exact story without knowing it.   A curse and a blessing for some.  I try not to abuse it and that is often why I am granted access more than most.
It's bigger than me in my human form. No negative thoughts, just shared love and experiences therefore my energy moves me in and out of many walks of life.  I've seen it all. I've had the dregs and the most opulent open doors.  Those who know Spiritual love are open without attachment to a negative story.  I see it....I share it...Playful, loving and kind is what this book is filled with image wise.  Serious respect for the artist is given.
All to share with you.
It's a gift and I will give it back in Hearts.

Thank you Everyone.
Prayers to All.
Kick starter 10 days in, ends May 28th
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