Friday, April 27, 2012


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 Please JOIN US by pledging This Photographic Project.
 Every little bit and BIG bit helps. You can make a difference supporting the completion of this project.
 Many people will be supported and the book is filled with inspiring quotes from the artist as well as imagery of them and their  works shared publicly.
M E T R O P  O  L O V E 

List of Patrons for BURNING MAN PROJECT

In order received.
Special Thanks goes out to:
TODD KOONS philanthropist . friend . patron saint to many.
K A R M A Pages featuring: 
Christopher and Amber Marie Bently ANGELS in the L I G H T of L O V E
Please pledge on the included link, see rewards.
Blessings to all whom support this project.
Loren and Rachel Carpenter
Vicki Teaque-Cooper
Aurdry Razagitis
Vincent Waller
Griffin Stenger
Wes Warren
Steve Liska
Kelly Miller
David Carol
Joy Godfrey
Tiahaar Kurtheru McKenzie
Tess Felix Greene
Cynthia Searight
George Bott
Eleanor Preger 
Anna Gray Noe
Josh Keppel
Scott Hicks
Julia Jarvis 
Robert Bengston 
Amir Glogau 
Rob Buchholz 
Jerry Courvoisier
Helen Nester
Marshall and Priscilla Wheeler Smith
Jody Frost 
Jeff Morehouse 
Dana Wotruba
Dean and Lisa Abatemarco 
Teresa Pemberton Jouany 
Sara Stathas 
Kate Russell 
Richard Khanlian
John Halcyon Styn 
Brian K. Edwards
Joy Harjo
Allen Jeter
Kyle Zimmerman
Mihael Melford
Bobbi Lane
Obie Benz
Dave Herndon
Doug Beasley 
Erica Berger
Eric Swanson 
Gary Breckheimer 
Danny Miller 
Steve McCormick 
Jennifer Esperanza 
Dalton Portella
Daniel Milnor and Amy Kawadler
Genevieve Russell
Sue Beatty 
Michele Worstell 
Julia Whitelaw & Marco Cochrane
Adam Greenhood 
Barbara Klar 
Brad Horn, Coburn Dukehart & the Mighty Quinn
Eliza Karlson Phat Pencil 
Stacey Neff 
Juliette Wolf-Robin
Barbara Griffin
Alison Seiffer
Genevieve Beth Grady 
Johanne Shepley Siff
Memphis Barbree 
Victor Echeverria 
Matthew Pearson 
Jennifer Spellman 
Christine Betow 
Dawn Barker
Dr Deb Windham 
Brigitte Carnochan 
Ed Hing 
Cathy Budd 
Krissy Hicks 
Merrilee Proffitt 
Roy Tennant
Matthew Leitz
Rave'n & Mark
Art Brewer 
Erika Wanenmacher 
Mark Ehlen 
Sonia Zobel 
Karen Ballard 
Dirk Ansch├╝tz 
Dodd Demas 
Imke Lass 
Cyndy McCrossen 
Jennie Whidden 
Nathan Jurevicius 
Ivy Lappin 
Robert Mueller
Katie Doidge 
Deb Fearon


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  1. Wow! amazing how many people have stepped up!! love seeing this list get longer & longer! xoxoxoxoxoxox