Sunday, April 29, 2012

MetropoLOVE Adam & Eve

Infinitarium by Karen Cusolito & Her Crew - Lovers Non Disclosed.

As I listen to lectures by Deepak Chopra and Oprah Life class I realize that my soul has selected my body. 
Deep connections and natural desire have given it many profound lessons. 
Attachment and detachment. 
Peace and joy always goal.
In this project you will see and read feelings from all the subjects, artist, staff and guest whom have shared in the Burning Man experience.
What is LOVE?
I love deeply and its a blessing and a curse.
New souls like a child, tend to consume and old souls do the work.
Age has nothing to do with maturity of a soul spirit.
You are here to do the work. If not your karmic ties continue to cause suffering for not only you but others.
Cleaning up your act is key.
I am steering this project toward enlightenment.
The out pouring of support has given me the courage to face what became a detour into purgatory.
To love you all is sincerely supreme.
I look at pictures and I can read much into them..again a curse and blessing.
I can see stories and it's sometimes painfully truth shouting out!

It  hurts only when we feel attachment.
This body of work is filled with feel good and feel the light of many.
Love, education forgiveness and be ever present in the NOW.
We must work for all souls to love one another and rise above.
Today a new friend made me weep with this statement:
"If someone were to touch me now I would cry."
I understood this feeling with compassion and can only wish that all beings would suffer less.
Create good, suffer less and when you are honest you won't cause more suffering.
This project is a testimony of the LOVE I have for all as messenger.
It's co created with ALL the subjects and helpers that are making it bloom.
It will reside with LOVE for Humanity and All Souls seeking Spiritual growth.
Thank You to Burning Man for the platform to create.
Blessings to ALL

Pledge Here a little or a lot its all good

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