Friday, April 13, 2012

photography by Miss Leggy of Dan and Karen working
W o r k i n g  G i r l

Burning Man for me is all about meeting as many of the artist doing large art as possible.
Acts of randomness that create joy and bliss occurring constantly making one smile.
This feeds my soul artistically with wonder and merriment.
To break away from the stigmas of the event and shed some more positive light on it.
By working with the artist I felt that it sort of gives the event more dignity in the eyes of the public.   
A mixed reputation, Burning Man for me is about an artistic community.
All the "other stuff" may occur however this is often America in her Glory!
I have experienced and shared many facets here and will continue to do so!
I 've had some very hard lessons learned and now I feel even more stealth to Warrior up and reveal artistically whatever message may be at hand.
As a journalist I have made many choices about what I care to show or NOT SHOW.
This event Burning Man is sacred space and I feel images can really hurt people and expose truths that may not be a mutual feelings shared with subjects and photographers.
Its important to shoot with a respectful heart and eye.
Many talented people spend an entire year of their life creating large art to share with the public.
I'm personally not interested in all the fringe things that occur on the Playa. I prefer to work and focus on the historical and emotional aspects.
This time it was to support my tribe that make tangible large pieces.
This is for me much more impressive.  I've never felt a need to be an exhibitionist and this is the perfect place for many folks to let it all hang out.
And it all hangs out seriously and usually very respectfully.
Burning Man is a city and I'm sure it has normal issues like any city but its got a better vibe for the time span it resides.
It s a playground for adults and some lucky children as well.
People plan all year round for it can be a life changing habitat.
Twelve days on the Playa and we didn't see it all or do it all but we explored and carefully documented those we had the privilege of sharing time.
This particular Burn I spent more time outside "day tripping". 
The reason behind it was that I had decided to shoot pin hole camera images.
These are best done in bright sunlight.  Usually long exposures of 30 seconds or so.
The theme Metropolis for many was more of Deco feel, and knowing that may happen I decided before hand to soften the sharp edges that I was anticipating.
I wanted the images to have a more poetic and painterly feel.
All art was shot 4x5 TriX film.
Next week I will tray develop those sheets in HC10.
A timely process.  Proof and begin scanning the selects to put into the designed book project Metrop O LOVE 2010 Burning Man Art/Artist and LOVE images.
The above image is of Dan Das Mann is with a piece that he and Karen Cusolito co created.  Karen had a separate piece as well of which will be a colour double page spread with a couple nude symbolic of Adam and Eve in a passion infused kiss.

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