Sunday, April 15, 2012


Metropolis 2010 Burning Man by karen kuehn
Monday's are for my PEERS...all the photographers on face book I am sending this post to you. Today I want to see who will step up to the plate to support a fella photographer!
Must be a hundred of you here.  For all those shooters I know times are tough but pitch in with a pledge and you will be listed on my K A R M A pages.  
$100.00 gets you a silver 11x14 print, that is an insanely low price for a zone system hand printed image.
Please consider it I"m going to do a little something extra to promote those photographers that are supportive.
I will be posting your website here and listing those who step up.
David Carol you were the first so send your links folks and your pledges.


David Carol
Joy Godfrey
Leah Byrne
(coming soon)
Eleanor Preger
(coming soon)
Josh Keppel
Robert Bengston
Amir Glogau
(coming soon)
Jerry Courvoisier
Jody Frost
Sara Stathas
Kate Russell
Richard Khalnlian
Brian K. Edwards
Allen Jeter
Kyle Zimmerman
Michael Melford
Bobbi Lane
Douglas Beasley
Erica Berger
Tara Walch
(under construction) 
Eric Swanson
Gary Breckheimer 
Danny Miller 
(coming soon)
Jennifer Esperanza 
Daniel Milnor
Genevieve Russell
Memphis Barbree 
Jennifer Spellman 
Art Brewer 

(your name here)

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  1. Who's - Contraction for "who is".
    Who's my buddy?
    Whose - Inquiring possession.
    Whose buddy is this?
    That being said, magnificent rack on this lady.

    P.S., "Mondays" is plural.
    Mondays are for my peers.
    "Monday's" - possessive or a contraction for "Monday is".
    Monday's lunch is for my peers.
    This Monday's for my peers.